10 Quotes To Help Your SME Grow

by Business Watch Team

Running a small business is not a walk in the park. One has to sacrifice, and have the will to always move on no matter what. Sometimes you will fall, not once but seven times, but the will to rise and move on after every fall is what will define you.

Your business does not you. It does not know your relatives. It has no idea about your friends. It is your business and you must treat it as such. You start mixing it with friendship and family, you start digging a grave for it.

You cannot run an SME based on democracy. There is no democracy in running an SME. You either become ruthless and dictatorial or you will be faced out faster than you think.

You must let people know about your small business. Make use of social media platforms. Having a business and not letting potential customers know about it is like smiling at a very beautiful girl in total darkness.

Be a friend to your competitors but always work as a spy. Know what they are doing. Know what they are planning and always beat them in their game. Always be ahead of your competitors and give customers a reason to come to you.

They say never give a bribe. You must run your business diligently and honestly. Take Kenya for example, how will you survive without giving a bribe, however little? When everyone is bribing to survive, you will starve to death if you refuse.

Buy when everyone is panicking and running and sell when everyone wants to buy. That way, you will have the business remote control in your hands and you will dictate the markets. Never buy when everyone is buying.

Hire people who will add value to your business, not those who will send your business to an early grave. Hire people who have more knowledge about your business, sometimes more than you, and give them room to show their creativity.

Go to places you will get ideas about growing your business. If going to church only motivates you about going to heaven and not how to make it on earth first, then try the bar. Some of the greatest ideas have been invented from the bar.

Always make money without losing the human in you. Nobody starts a business to turn it into a charity. We all set up businesses to make money. Therefore, always look for avenues that will help you multiply your cash.

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