5 Reasons To Leave Your Job

by Business Watch Team

They say that you should never quit your job without having a plan B. But what happens when you really must leave with or without a plan B?

There are several reasons that might make you leave or change your job. Some are good while some are bad but it only depends on one thing; you.

What can make you leave your current job?

1. When you get a better deal

We all work to make money. When you get a better deal that will pay better than your current job, do not let it slide, however much you love your current job.

2. When the workplace is toxic

Sometimes we never want to let it go for fear of an uncertain tomorrow. We hold on no matter the mistreatment at places of work. But it reaches a time when your peace of mind becomes more important than anything else and you say, enough is enough and you leave.

3. When you are the only smart one

This means you are not growing. You cannot stay at a place where you are always the smartest one and everyone else seems aloof and clueless. You need something that challenges you to grow and be a better person.

4. When your hard work is mistaken for desperation

This happens mostly in an SME setup. There are some bosses, the more you work hard, the more they feel that you have no other place to go and you are working to impress them, hence, desperate. The moment your loyalty is pushed to that level, it is time to leave.

5. Payment schedule

Thus is simply a delay in salaries. You wake up every morning to go to work to get paid. What happens when the owner of the business doesn’t want to pay you but expects you to work harder than a donkey? When it reaches that level, look for somewhere else.

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