5 Steps to Repurposing Your Podcast into Money-Generating eBooks

by Business Watch Team

Technology is an integral part of our lives, and that can include the way we read. Over the years, people have resolved to reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic became prevalent.

According to stats from The Association of American Publishers, eBooks, for the first ten months of 2020, were up 16.5 percent compared to the 10 months of 2019, bringing in nearly 1 billion dollars. This is good news for podcasters looking to monetize their content.

People with successful podcasts and a decent number of listeners can repurpose their episodes into revenue-generating eBooks. These digital books can make a great way of redirecting more traffic to a podcast show, which in turn increases reach earning you some income.

eBooks can also be used for email marketing campaigns and lead generation, but there is a catch – creating them is not something one can pull together during a rainy afternoon. It is taxing. However, with the right motivation and some extra effort, a podcaster can take their content from one digital platform to another.

If, for instance, you’re a famous podcaster, there is no doubt that you will get more audience for your eBook. Audiences who love your audience will become your subscribers, the same as those who are constantly seeking knowledge. They look up to your podcast for expert advice. The fact that you already have enough content to be repurposed makes eBooks even more ideal. But how can you turn your podcast into an eBook?

  1. Choose a Specific Theme

Usually, when a podcaster researches a topic, he or she categorizes them into different themes. This makes it easy for eBook creation. Even if your content is not categorized, you can still easily group them depending on the various topics you have covered such as mental health, sports, politics, relationships, business and entrepreneurship, career talk, among others. This is the first step in creating an eBook.

  • Podcast Transcription

Since you are already familiar with the topics your audiences prefer, your next step is to outsource transcription services and have those topics transcribed. Of course, you can choose to manually transcribe the podcast show, but it will take a considerable amount of time depending on the length of the audio file.

Using the various speech-to-text converting software available or getting professional audio transcription services like AJJIN Transcription will go a long way in saving you a lot of time. Bear in mind that you need consent from your podcast interviewees before transcribing their content.

It is prudent that you share the draft of the transcript for them to review before having it printed. Also, only use such content to support your stories or research.

  • Edit and Have a Professional Proofread Your eBook

When reading your eBook, your podcast listeners expect the same tone you usually use. They will only connect with it if the digital book resonates with your thoughts as you express them in your show. As such, it is important to maintain consistency and write in the same tone.

While at it, make sure to include an introduction and a conclusion for your digital book. This will help the audience immerse themselves in the book and get closure for the topic without getting bored. Once your first draft is ready, have an editor go through it to proofread and improve your writing to make it suitable for publishing.

  • Polish and Copyright Your Book

Hosting a podcast is way easier than having a book officially published. You will need to have your book polished by professionals before it is out there on the market. Thus, you must get an ISBN, and license your book to keep it copyrighted.

Also, get a decent cover and an attractive layout design fit for the reader. Luckily, the publishing house you choose can help you with this step. Remember, if you try to cut costs by not having it go through the proper channels will only result in a book that will not do much in selling your brand. Have experts guide you in publishing something worth the value of the reader’s money.

  • Launch Your Book and Start Earning

As easy as it sounds, launching your book will depend on how you suitably market it. The steps to be considered here include finding out ways of distributing the eBook, uploading it, and giving it time to get published. The process takes time. Then comes the pricing – there is a litany of tools you can use to find the right pricing for your eBook.

The last stage is promoting your eBook, and your podcast is the first place to start. You can also connect with other podcasters, book reviewers, publishers, and even bloggers to promote your book. Moreover, you can use your website, email marketing, and social media to enhance your marketing.

There you have it. Those are the five processes involved in repurposing your podcast and converting it into an income-generating eBook. As far as transcription is concerned, you can rely on professional speech-to-text providers such as AJJIN Transcription for a quick turnaround along with a guarantee of 99 percent accuracy. 

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