5 Things Money Can’t Buy

by Business Watch Team

Money has so many names and so many uses. They say if you have money, you can do anything. Money commands respect and dictates the world.

A fool with money is more respected than a wise man without. Money is power. Mone is everything.

Some say that money can buy anything, but there are things that money cannot buy. This piece has 10 things that money can’t buy:

Good manners


Money can’t buy you good manners. Manners are like your body’s skin. If you have bad manners, you have bad manners and if you have good manners, you have good manners. In fact, money brings out the true face of a human being’s behavior.


Money can’t buy you life. There are lots of arguments about this. Some make sense. If you have been kidnapped and you pay the ransom, money can buy you life. But when sick, money can buy you “some time” but not life. Money prolongs life but can’t give you one.


Money can buy you a house but can’t buy you a home. Home is where the whole story begins and it is what you make. A good home is determined by those in the house and money has nothing to do with it. It all depends on what people decide to pursue.

True friends

Money can’t buy you true friends. In fact, the more money you have, the more people you will have around you, but many will be fakes just there to benefit from you. Money can give you people but not true friends. True friends love from the heart.

Good children

This is tied to god manners. The same way money can’t buy you good manners, is the same way it can’t buy you good children. Good children depend on your genes and the moral compass that you instill in them as they grow. Not your money.

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