5 Things To Consider Before Choosing An Aparthotel

by Business Watch Team

Aparthotels are gaining prominence and popularity in Kenya. By definition, an aparthotel is a type of tourist let that combines the comfort of an apartment with hotel-style services. They are popular with people who need accommodation for a few days, weeks or even months, either for business or pleasure.

With the entrance of international brands such as Ascott in the Kenyan market, which has set up Somerset Westview Nairobi – in the affluential neighborhood of Kilimani within the Kenyan capital, the market is experiencing a paradigm shift.

If you are planning for a staycation within Nairobi, here are some 5 things to consider before choosing your aparthotel:

The brand

The first place one goes when hunting for a hotel or aparthotel is online. While at it, you will be flushed with so many choices that it might be hard for you to tell which one fits your needs since everybody is in business and using the language of business. In this case, look at the brands behind the aparthotel. This will help you narrow down on what you need. Once you select the one you need, go to the reviews and look at what others are talking about the brand and their experiences within their premises.

The neighborhood

One of the greatest definitions of aparthotel is the ability to give you a better experience, peace, and tranquility that matches are beats your own home. The surroundings of an aparthotel will determine whether you will enjoy the peace you need or sink within the noise and chaos. Nairobi can be chaotic sometimes; matatus, motorbikes, and people who are always in a hurry among other things. With this, avoid aparthotel that is within the Central Business District and consider ones that are in such places as Kilimani or Westlands.

Security and accessibility

Before settling on your aparthotel, find out how accessible it is from your location or your pickup point. Accessibility and security go hand in hand. This is also tied to the surrounding areas (neighborhood). You do not want to stay in a place where you will be mugged on your way to or from the aparthotel. This is why reading the reviews is very important and will help you in making the right choices.

As you enter the aparthotel, right from the gate, use your intuition. Is there security personnel at the gate? Are their security checks? How thorough are the checks? Are their CCTV cameras within and without the premises? Are they health conscious especially with the Covid-19 pandemic wave?

Social and economic amenities

One thing you have to give to aparthotel is the freedom of letting you do and determine how to spend your time and money. There are no timetables as to when you should eat, or turn off the lights among other things. With kitchens at your disposal, you are at liberty to shop and prepare your meals. With this in mind, you have to scout for shopping centers or markets nearby.

When it comes to social amenities, almost all aparthotel in Nairobi have things such as swimming pools, and kids’ play areas among others. If you are planning to stay longer, you may want to scout for things such as places of worship, hospitals, and jogging areas among others.

The cost

As much as you will need the best of experience at an aparthotel, you do not need to break your bank account to have one. Cost is a great determinant of your choice of where to stay. Go for an aparthotel that is affordable but offers quality services. Somerset, for instance, has a world-class experience of 15,000 shillings a night in a one-bedroom and about 22,000 shillings a night in a two-bedroom apartment.

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