5 Things You Should Know Before Supplying To A County Government

by Business Watch Team
Civil Servants

Winning a big tender is such a beautiful thing that many dreams about. This is because with a “big” tender, comes “big money”. Everyone dreams of having that tender but a few are prepared of the pain that might accompany it.

County governments in Kenya have often presented an avenue where certain individuals win “big tenders”. Many have become instant billionaires while some have ended up in the grave.

Things you should know before supplying to the county government

Have a godfather

This is very important. Without a godfather, even if you win that tender, chances of being paid will be minimal.

A godfather will make sure that you are protected and will make sure that you get paid. Of course, he will take 70 percent of the pay for his “troubles” in fighting for you.

Don’t take a loan

Don’t dare take a loan to supply to the county government. You will either never be paid or paid after 5 years (with a new Governor in office).

Many people’s properties have been auctioned and many have died of depression because they took loans to supply to county governments hoping to make millions overnight.

Supply what you can lose

Take supplying to a county government like one of those betting games. Give them what you can afford to lose, not what will kill you once what you expected fails to come. Do not put all your eggs in that basket.

Have enough to push you along

Let supplying to a county government be just “one of your investments”. It should not be what you bank on to push your life on. As from the point above, let be something you can let go of when things go south.

Don’t supply to them

If you don’t want heartbreaks and depression, just don’t supply to them unless you are sure of the very first point, “have a godfather”. Just don’t.


This article does not mean that you shouldn’t supply to county governments. Some county governments have been good in clearing pending bills but the majority are just horrible and will kill you, your dreams, and the hopes of your family.

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