5 Ways To Spot Fake Friends Around You

by Business Watch Team
Fake Friends

Not everyone around you is a friend. Not everyone who smiles around you is your friend and means well. Everyone wears a mask, and once in a while, whether consciously or unconsciously, they will reveal their true colors for those keen to see.

Most enemies cover themselves as friends. They multiply their smiles so that they can bring you closer and hit you to where you will never recover. It is always good to be careful, to always be on the lookout, and to know when people are about to take you out.

Here is how to tell fake friends:

They never come through during your lowest moments: they say calamities have a way of letting you vet who your true friends are. In times of trouble, we know our friends and in times of plenty and joy, our friends get to know us.

They only see you as an option: these are friends who are only with you during your happy times. They will dine and drink with you, and see you as useful as long as you continue meeting your needs and take off as soon as they see running into trouble.

They always give what you can do to your competitors: ever seen those friends who would rather buy from your competitor than you? Those friends who give amazing opportunities to your competitors and not you despite you being together always?

They make jokes about your successes and misfortunes: there are “friends” who make jokes when you succeed. When you listen keenly, you will notice that the jokes smell of jealousy and bitterness. There are also those who laugh off your misfortunes.

They are always afraid of you winning: There are friends who never want you at the top. They either want you to remain where they are or under them.

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