5 Weird Things Kenyans Do In Matatus

by Business Watch Team

The main form of transport in Kenya is a matatu. Of course, there are the boda boda guys, but nothing beats the matatu. The matatu crew can be crazy and mad but nobody talks about how crazy some passengers can be. Here are some weird behaviors:

Sticking chewing gum on or under the seat:

This is a common, annoying, and disgusting behavior among passengers in Nairobi. Imagine sitting on freshly chewed gum because a certainly responsible citizen saw it fit to stick it there and went on his or her way.

Loudly talking on the phone:

There are passengers who get into a shouting match when talking on the phone. They will shout with total disregard for the people around them, so loud that sometimes they run out of breath. They will then disconnect and pretend as if nothing happened.

Eating food in a matatu:

Imagine on a hot afternoon someone walks into a matatu with fish or french fries, then they go ahead to unpack and start eating unperturbed. The worst sight is them eating while talking, or dropping some of the ground. Disgusting to say the least.

Peeping through your phone:

These are passengers who have “long necks” and who want to see everything that you do on your phone. Of course, they will pretend to be “not looking” but once in a while, you will catch their sharp eyes fixed on your screen. It is always their business.

Listening to music/videos on loudspeakers:

This is an annoying crop of passengers who feel and think that whatever they are listening to, should be everyone’s business by hell, by fire. They will turn on music on their cheap phones with poor sound quality and keep on laughing like it is what they are paid to do.

What is your experience?

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