60% Of Employees At Burn Manufacturing Are Women

by Business Watch Team

The month of March is known as the “month of women.” The month is dedicated to celebrating and appreciating women in society. On the 8th of March, the whole world will be marking International Women’s Day.

In most cases, women feel left out in various sectors, especially in employment and appointments in positions of leadership. Almost 90 percent of people are biased against women, according to the new index that highlights the shocking extent of global backlash towards gender equality (Source; The Guardian).

Kenya has what is known as a 2/3 gender rule where one of the genders in any appointment or organization should not be more than a 2/3 compared to the other. The rule, however, has failed to fully take effect, especially in elective positions.

Burn Manufacturing, the manufacturers of the popular Jikokoa brand, are among the few companies in Kenya that have ensured that women are at the core of their business. The company says more than 60 percent of their employees are women.

Rahab Mwaura, an employee at Burn says most of the work available, is male-dominated but women are increasingly taking over. “Kazi mingi kama hizi huwa zinaambiwa (sic) ni za wanaume, lakini sa hizi tumeingia kwa hiyo territory,” she says.

Rahab says women should stop depending on others and rise to be as competitive as their male counterparts.

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