8 Things To Consider When Driving In The Rain

by Business Watch Team
Rain Driving

There is a heavy downpour across Kenya. The roads are flooded, especially in Nairobi due to poor drainage and the chances of drivers causing an accident are high.

Driving in the rain can be challenging, but it’s essential to know how to do it safely. Here are some tips to help you drive safely in wet conditions:

Slow down: Wet roads reduce the grip of your tires, and it takes longer to stop your vehicle. Slowing down is the easiest way to maintain control of your car when it’s raining.

Increase your following distance: It’s crucial to leave more space between you and the car in front of you in wet conditions. This way, you’ll have more time to react to sudden stops or turns.

Turn on your headlights: Turn on your headlights, even during the day, as rain can make visibility low. Use your low-beam headlights, as high beams can reflect off the rain and decrease visibility further.

Avoid sudden movements: Try to avoid sudden acceleration, braking, or steering movements. These can cause your vehicle to lose control and slide on the wet surface.

Avoid standing water: If you see standing water on the road, avoid it if possible. It’s challenging to determine the depth of the water, and it can cause your car to hydroplane or get stuck.

Use windshield wipers and defrosters: Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and use them to keep your windshield clear. Turn on your defroster to prevent the windows from fogging up.

Keep both hands on the wheel: Keep both hands on the wheel and avoid distractions. This will allow you to react quickly if your vehicle starts to skid or hydroplane.

Check your tires: Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have good tread. Bald or underinflated tires can cause your car to lose traction, especially in wet conditions.

Driving in the rain can be intimidating, but by following these tips, you can ensure that you and your passengers arrive safely at your destination. Remember to always be cautious and attentive when driving in wet conditions.

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