A Birthday On The 14th February, And It Had To Be XBoom

by Business Watch Team

My son’s name is Adrian. This guy was born in what the mother calls “complicated days”. Can you imagine this little fellow decided to come to this world on the 14th of February, 2019? I don’t think his mother will ever forgive him for making her miss a candle-lit dinner that romantic day.

And because the young taxpayer was born on the 14th of February, his birthday has to be on that exact day every year. I got to admit, I always combine his birthday and the Valentine for his mother. It saves me the costs but always infuriates the mother.

To “punish” me, my wife often invited the “friends of Adrian”, some of them full-grown women with a strange appetite that sees them keep away huge amounts of food including the cake. But since Adrian seems to like them, the party is always rolling.

On the 14th of February, I decided to make this birthday a different one. I gave my old-antiquated sub-woofer a compulsory leave from playing any kind of music. On this day, it was to remain as silent as water in the port for I was bringing in other “new players” to rent the air and “entertain the guests.”

I walked into an LG Electronics shop at Thika Road Mall and walked out with three XBoom Go speakers. I walked out with PL7, PL5, and PL2 and drove to my rented apartment. In the house, I found a beehive of activities. “Guests” had already arrived and some were busy in my little kitchen sampling out what to cook. They were so vibrant and noisy that they had scared away all the cockroaches in the kitchen. Am sure those poor cockroaches thought that their land had been invaded by aliens.

I arrived and placed the XBoom Go PL7 in the sitting room, on top of my old-antiquated sub-woofer. I took the PL5 to the balcony and the PL2 to the kitchen. I then connected the PL7 to my phone, then made it the “master” so that the other PL5 can be “slave” to follow the commands after being interlinked.

I love listening to reggae music. Am glad that the reggae blood was also born through my son. Despite his young age, the little fellow stops to raise a finger and moves to the rhythm of legends like Joseph Hill (of the Mighty Culture group), Gregory Isaacs (also known as the Cool Ruler), Bob Marley, and the Burning Spear.

The PL7 is the king of the three. It comes equipped with a meridian sound, dual-action bass, a sound boost, and an AAC. What is more, it is water-resistant, has a long battery life, has USB charging, and comes with beat lighting giving you real-life party life.

Back to the birthday party. It was one of the most-successful birthday parties for my little taxpayer. I cannot finish without mentioning that those “guests” did not leave any gift for my son. Can you imagine that? Anyway, nawangoja next year.

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