A Day With Kids Speaking The Language Of Earth At Rusinga School

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Rusinga School

It is obvious that we need the earth more than it needs us, but the amount of destruction that we are directing toward the earth shows that we either do not care or do not want this earth at all. At this rate, will we have the earth to live in tomorrow?

The truth is, as grown-up human beings, we have failed. We give little consideration to activities that help secure the earth. The only hope now lies within our kids, bringing them up with the idea of taking good care of the earth strongly entranced within them.

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, we joined CNN at the Rusinga School for the Call To Earth Day event. The event was being done in partnership with students at Rusinga School through their group called Rusinga Speaks, a group that focuses on matters of the environment and what people around the world should do.

The learners in this school have more knowledge about climate change and the environment than those grownups in leadership positions. They know what needs to be done and what is being done wrong with calls on stakeholders to listen to what the earth has to say.

“Instead of the government promising to construct more houses for people to live in, hence cut down more trees, why not renovate the existing buildings and let the trees stand?” asked  Angel Nakholi, a young girl from Rusinga School, Senior School. “Rusinga Speaks is a group that speaks up on matters of environment. We do not just speak but lead with example through environment-friendly initiatives for teachers and fellow students,” Added Amanda Ochieng.

Learners recited poems, and wrote letters to Kenyans, begging them to be kind to earth and help keep the earth green and livable. Their passion for the environment is on another level in terms of how they understand the environment from the basics to the details.

“I have heard many people talk about green economy, especially for small business and I think it is a good initiative. Stakeholders should hold seminars and meetings and train small businesses on green economy and how it helps in protecting the earth,” said Tristau Bradely Odhiambo, a young man at Rusinga School.

Speaking during the event, the Co-Founder of Rusinga Speaks, and the Director and founder of Taka Kazi Africa, Mr. George Ofunja, highlighted the need to mentor young people on matters of environment and tailoring them towards activities that are friendly to earth with the aim of not only impacting them, but the whole earth as a whole.

“Children are the future. Without them, there is no future. As changemakers, they too have a story of change and action in these changing times, and, therefore, they should be part and parcel of the process of finding a solution to the problems of the world, more so, the three planetary challenges that the world is facing today; pollution and waste, climate change, natural, and biodiversity loss. All of us have a responsibility to take care of our common home. My call on this Call To Earth Day is for us to decarbonize our thinking; think green and act green to the benefit of present and future,” he said.

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