A Look At The New Packaging Of The Iconic Jikokoa

by Business Watch Team

Kenya’s number one energy-saving Jiko maker, BURN Manufacturing, has launched a brand-new packaging for its iconic Jikokoa brand, cementing its presence in Kenya and beyond.

In a new packaging, Burn has placed the iconic Jikokoa in an Orange box with spots of white, making it more attractive than ever before. This is a deviation from the previous packaging that had a more white color.

The new box has a lady on it with a Kenyan map inscribed on it. It also has information about the jiko and images of the product. It makes it easier for the user to have a glimpse of the whole product with one look.

The lady’s picture on the new packaging portrays the amazing work and skill that mothers and sisters do in crafting meals within our kitchens. It also appreciates the important role they play.

It also tells the story of the gender balance that BURN has long achieved. Currently, 60 percent of workers at BURN are women meaning the product is made by people who understand what is needed in terms of a product that fits family needs.

As BURN marks this important milestone, it has put in place a mechanism to ensure that customers always have someone to help them out with their Jikos. With this, the company has more than 60 service stations across the country.

Burn says its products and services have impacted more than 5 million lives within and without Kenya. The impact of BURN ranges from saving people from huge fuel costs, conserving the environment, as well as taking part in activities that give back to humanity.

The Jikokoa maker became a household name in Kenya and beyond in championing clean cooking through the use of energy-saving stoves such as Jikokoa.

The company has already sold 1,142,956 stoves that have helped in saving about 4,749,317 tons of wood. This has in turn conserved trees and forests, hence the earth we live in.

Carbon dioxide is good for the atmosphere and BURN knows this too well. It plays a major role in preventing harmful rays from the sun from hitting the earth.

CO2 is also good in photosynthesis in plants, which in turn gives us the oxygen we breathe in. To this extend, products from BURN have helped save at least 8,406,292 tons of Carbon dioxide (CO2).

At the same time, Covid-19 has hit hard on various people’s financial status. Many have lost their jobs and some have seen their businesses shut. Anything that helps one save money is worth embracing. In total, stoves from BURN have helped households save a whopping 368,395,546 dollars.

Jikokoa can be bought through the BURN website, through Jumia, and other online platforms. It is also found in major supermarkets around the country.

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