A Look At Tsenda And Its Role In Kenya’s Financial Space

by Business Watch Team

Technology is revolutionizing the world. Currently, everything around the world is driven by technology.

“Technology is like a train that long left the station. Almost everyone is on board and those not on board risk missing out forever,” says Korir Isaacs, an IT expert at Engage BM.

As technology continues to sweep across the globe, the financial sector has not been left behind. One of the most evolved sector in Kenya is the financial sector, thanks to mobile phones and mobile money platforms such as M-Pesa.

With a mobile phone, one can do everything about a financial transaction from paying for goods and services, depositing cash to a bank account, withdrawing cash from a bank account, checking bank account balance among other transactional processes.

Even with the advance in technology, people still face numerous challenges especially in keeping records of past transactions, harmonizing their transactions, knowing where to put their resources in terms of investments among others.

Young and energetic entrepreneurs in Kenya have, however, worked around the clock to ensure that customers, as they go through their daily transactions, can do it with all the convenience that they want.

Welcome to Tsenda, a financial technology and service solution provider that has focused on the continued innovation around the pain points customers go through daily in the course of their interactions within the space.

To help make the lives of customers easy on a day-to-day basis, Tsenda has come up with some revolutionary solutions such as:

The PaymentGate

Through the PaymentGate platform, Tsenda provides customers with tamper proof electronic receipts that record a digital mobile transaction.

“With our platform, you can communicate with your customers as you issue instant digitally branded payment receipts for each payment executed. You can also monitor their experiences digitally,” says Jasper Ochieng, the MD at Kibo Capital Group and the brain behind PaymentGate.

Chapeo Lending Application

Tsenda uses the application to provide short term credit solutions, employee advances, payroll processing among other functionalities.

Sacco Guarantor Management Systems 

With other partner networks, Tsenda provides financial solutions to partner members.

Having interacted with Tsenda, it is the future that is already here.

“Through Tsenda’s toll-free shortcode, one can buy airtime to any network. Very convenient,” says Peninah Nakhumicha, a user of the service.

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