A Look At What LG e-showrooms Offer Customers

by Business Watch Team

E-commerce has been around for years and has grown in no time, especially during the pandemic. Businesses have quickly moved to online channels, accelerating the digitization timetable. With eCommerce (online shopping), customers can browse through what they want to purchase using their computers or phones, which offers them convenience.

Staying competitive in this new business requires new strategies and practices, and companies such as LG Electronics have not been left out.

LG Electronics launched its e-showrooms to offer consumers the convenience of browsing and purchasing home electronics and appliances. The e-showrooms came at a time when Kenyans were embracing the benefits of online shopping, with most people affirming e-shopping was a better value for money since the start of the pandemic.

The LG e-Showroom provides a virtual tour that takes the consumers through a different range of products, explanations of the technologies, and user-centric product features. Designed to meet the consumer’s needs, the LG e-showroom www.lg.brandshop.co.ke presents products and technology walkthroughs accompanied by a sales consultation.

Besides, the LG e-Showroom demonstrates a future model of the brand’s shops in limited spaces. It is the ultimate convenience to the consumers as the company is committed to ensuring that customers get nothing but the best by enhancing the shopping experience. The e-Showroom was created to offer customers an alternative solution for those with an interest in purchasing LG products.

With the e-Showroom, the consumers have an opportunity to personally see how LG Electronics is enabling smart homes and living through artificial intelligence. Some of the most searched products on the LG e-Showroom are washing machines and TVs because most people, especially for the bulk products, go and such the products online first. Refrigerators are highly searched as well, but the customers prefer going to the brand shop to check the capacity.

Some of the advantages that come with shopping on the LG e-showroom include free delivery, where you don’t have to worry about the transport cost, and free installation of the product.

You can physically go check out the product or have an online experience. With the birth of the LG e-showroom in Nanyuki and Kisumu, the company found out that most people browse online, and later go to the physical brand shop to get a touch and feel of the product. LG Guarantees that what you see in the e-showroom is the same product you will find at the brand shop.

E-commerce is a competitive market and one needs to be keen when purchasing the products so that they buy from genuine makers and sellers. Don’t just click on any link because you have seen discounted products. Always check which website the link is leading you to. For lg.com, if there are any offers/discounts online, you will see the same on their social media platforms with direct links to where you will get those discounts.

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