A New Aggregator Portal Launched To Increase Insurance Uptake By Zamara

by Business Watch Team

Leading insurance broker, Zamara Group, has announced plans to invest KSh 100 million to upgrade its digital capabilities and customer service.

The company said the program includes upgrades in its operations and technology, including launching a new online aggregator platform dubbed eZamara, that will have a full range of insurance and investment products.

The portal will allow customers to compare products from different insurers in one place and create and manage their insurance policies online to increase insurance uptake in the country.

“The digital transformation of the insurance industry will require a considerable amount of capital to invest. However, investing in digital technology will be necessary if insurers are to stay relevant to consumers, “said Zamara Group CEO Sundeep Raichura.

Zamara Group CEO, Sundeep Raichura, said the company was committed to providing its customers with the best possible experience and that the investment in digital would enable it to do so. “We are constantly evolving our business to meet the needs of our customers and this investment will enable us to provide a more convenient and efficient service,” he said.

Mr. Raichura said that the company’s investment in technology and customer service is part of its commitment to providing its clients with the best possible experience. “We are constantly striving to improve our service offering and to make it easier for our clients to do business with us.”

“Over the years, we have seen a spike in insurance sales growth via the internet and other digital channels. As Zamara, we are committed to accelerating and enabling digital and financial inclusion in Kenya by providing easy access to financial solutions like pensions and insurance at scale.

Zamara expects to invest between KSh 100 million over the next three years in technology as per its 2022-2025 strategic intention of disruption through technology, with a targeted 30% growth in its business via digital channels.

The Zamara Online Aggregator portal aims to provide easy access to financial solutions like pensions and insurance at scale. The portal is designed to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get the insurance they need and to find products that fit their needs. By providing a single point of access, the portal will help to accelerate and enable digital and financial inclusion in Kenya.

By launching the aggregator portal, the company aims at taking the customer experience to a new level, making it easy for clients to get the right cover at the right price. The Zamara aggregator combines everything an insured could want – accurate quotes, reliable service, and easy claim management.

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