A Refrigerator That Changes Colors To Match Your Moods

by Business Watch Team

LG Electronics (LG) has rolled out a new refrigerator designed to boost customer experience in the kitchen while at the same time changing its color to match their current moods.

Dubbed MoodUP refrigerator, this new product was unveiled at IFA 2022 which ended yesterday in Berlin, and will be showcased at CAN- a unique event space located near Central Berlin. The exhibition will be held in partnership with NTS Radio – a London-based online radio station and media platform with an aim to present inspiring, mood-driven experiences centered on LG’s latest kitchen innovation.

With its revolutionary, color-changing LED door panels, LG MoodUP delivers unrivaled interior design flexibility and a new way to create a stylish, integrated kitchen.

Speaking during the launch, LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company President Lyu Jae-Cheol said “The MoodUP refrigerator is a highly-evolved home appliance that can change colors to match users’ moods and enhance the kitchen environment, and we are thrilled to partner with NTS Radio for these exciting events and to demonstrate the unique value and user experience offered by our revolutionary, new fridge.”

Guests present at the Invite-only parties in CAN dubbed Notes + Tones will get a chance to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the many moods and bold colors of the MoodUP fridge.

NTS Radio will be supplying the music both nights, syncing the tone of each track with the changing colors of MoodUP’s LED door panels, while LG will be serving up cocktails matching the different hues and artist-created themes of its game-changing refrigerator.

Several of the company’s innovative MoodUP fridges will be present for guests to appreciate and interact with at the events.

The refrigerators will deliver an enthralling and entertaining showcase highlighting three themes (Roots, Island and Sky), complementing music and lighting to express six distinct moods.

Those in attendance will also have the opportunity to see how easy it is to change the MoodUP’s color or theme using the LG ThinQ™ app and enjoy a specially-crafted cocktail matched to their favorite MoodUP look.

The soundtrack to LG’s exclusive parties at CAN will be provided by four, talented NTS Radio DJs, who will seamlessly switch up the vibe in sync with the MoodUP fridges’ changing themes. What’s more, the DJs’ sets will be live-streamed on the NTS platform, allowing people worldwide to tune in and experience the music and ambiance of Mixing Moods with MoodUP.

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