AA Kenya To Teach Kids Road Safety Culture In New Program

by Business Watch Team

Children aged 3 to 8 years can now access road safety training for up to KES 500 annually. This follows the rollout of a junior membership category by AA Kenya that entails a comprehensive road safety education curriculum.

The move aiming to impact millions of children from across the country is in line with the company’s mission to cultivate a culture where road safety is an intrinsic value inculcated from a young age and, ultimately, a collective national priority.

Speaking during the launch held at Riara Primary School, AA Kenya CEO Francis Theuri said that early road safety education is undeniably a critical component in creating responsible road users.

“Instilling these vital skills from a young age forms the foundation for lifelong habits that lead to safer roads. In light of this, AA Kenya passionately champions the cause of training children to become youthful ambassadors of road safety. Therefore, we appeal to all parents to enroll their children in our new Junior Membership program and commence their road safety training early. Learning these essential skills as a child has the profound effect of making them second nature, setting the stage for a future generation of responsible road users,” said Theuri.

The AA Junior Membership offers a wide array of benefits designed to equip young members with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure their safety on the road. These benefits include specialized road safety training, engagement in road safety activities in schools, the provision of a free AA Road Safety Booklet, and participation in AA Kids Fun Day events held nationwide.

Additionally, young members have the opportunity to accumulate points within AA Kenya’s junior program, which can later be redeemed for various AA products and services, such as driving school and computer packages.

The Junior Membership also offers free AA giveaways, including road safety booklets, wristbands, badges, and more. Moreover, enrolled children have the chance to become AA Road Safety Ambassadors within their schools and even participate in bicycle riding competitions on a global scale.

“The launch of our Junior Membership category underscores our vision of fostering a nationwide dialogue on road safety. We aim to nurture a culture where road safety is a shared responsibility and a collective endeavor for the betterment of our nation,” said Theuri.

For those who decide to enroll their children in the AA Junior Membership program, it is not just a commitment to their safety but also an investment in shaping the future generation of responsible road users.

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