AAR Healthcare Kenya Launches New Outpatient Center In Kisumu

by Business Watch Team

AAR Healthcare Kenya has launched a new outpatient center in Kisumu, Kenya at the United Mall Outpatient Centre, in a drive that will see residents within and without the city enjoy quality health services.

The expansion of AAR Healthcare Kenya’s network of outpatient centers aims to bring quality healthcare services closer to the people. The facility will offer primary care and specialty health services such as mental health care and laboratory services.

“The launch of this new center in Kisumu is another step in our promise to bring world-class care and supportive resources to more patients. With a 30-year history of operation, we are bringing healthcare closer to where people live,” said AAR Group CEO Steve Okeyo.

The launch of the new facility lies within the company’s goal to increase the number of outpatient centers from 35 to 75 in the near future, as well as increasing the specialist’s services from 20 to 25 and building an inpatient hospital.

“This new outpatient center in Kisumu is a crucial aspect of this vision and represents a significant step in bringing quality healthcare closer to the people,” added Mr. Okeyo.

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o also commented on the launch, stating that the opening of the new clinic complements the government’s efforts towards Universal Health Care.

“As the County Government of Kisumu, we would like to thank AAR for this launch, a great initiative that will complement our efforts to ensure that our people have access to quality and affordable healthcare,” said the Governor.

AAR Healthcare Kenya’s success has largely been driven by its commitment to providing high-quality and affordable healthcare.

The launch of the new outpatient center in Kisumu is not only set to provide healthcare services to those in need but will also help create job opportunities for healthcare professionals in the country.

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