AKUH Re Now Certified As Best For Stroke Management

by Business Watch Team

Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi (AKUH, N) has for the second time been certified as a center of excellence for the management of acute primary stroke by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the recognized global leader in healthcare quality standards.

The certification reaffirms the hospital’s commitment to maintaining the highest standard of care for stroke patients. The recognition followed a rigorous audit that evaluated the quality of care and patient safety protocols. Among the areas evaluated for compliance include international patient safety goals, program leadership, and management, delivering or facilitating clinical care, supporting self-management for patients and caregivers, clinical information management and performance, measurement, and improvement.

AKUH, N was first certified as a center of excellence for stroke in 2021, becoming the first hospital in Africa to achieve this certification.  To date, it remains the only JCI-certified Acute Primary Stroke Care center in the continent. The certification is reviewed every 3 years.

“Quality is one of our values and this certification is an external validation that we remain true to that value,” said Hospital CEO Rashid Khalani.  “By opening ourselves to an external review of our processes, we are benchmarking with the best hospitals globally.”

Dr Boniface Mativa, Chief of Medical Staff added that AKUH, N has invested heavily in processes that ensure that the quality of care provided to patients is in line with the best practices globally.

“Our benchmarking with the best quality systems globally means that we have the patient’s well-being in our hearts and anyone who seeks care at AKUH is assured that their care will follow the evidence-based care protocols outlined by the set quality standards.” Said Dr Mativa

 This certification adds to a host of international accreditations and certifications at AKUH, N. The hospital became the first hospital in the region to receive the JCI hospital accreditation in 2013 and has been reaccredited every 3 years since then. In 2018, the hospital’s laboratory was accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), a global recognition of the excellence of the hospital’s laboratory services. In 2020, the hospital was certified as a center of excellence for the management of heart attacks by the JCI, becoming the first hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa to receive this certification.

“At AKUH, N quality is not an event but a lifestyle, we are open to continuously learning to improve our quality protocols in care for our patients and appreciate all initiatives that are in favor of this agenda,” said Mr Khalani.

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