Algeria: The Country Where The Unemployed Are Paid To Preserve Their Dignity

by Business Watch Team

If a country has the right systems in place, everything works. Algeria is an example of an African country where systems work and the people can enjoy the fruits of having a government in place.

President Tebboune of Algeria increased the minimum wage to 170 dollars monthly in 2022. He made it easy for employers to do business so that they can afford to pay the minimum wage.

At the same time, he eliminated all taxes for people who earn less than 216 dollars monthly. This meant that people have more cash in their pockets are able to concentrate on their jobs and have more purchasing power.

The President of Algeria also increased the pension to at least 120 dollars monthly. This reduced the poverty levels among pensioners by more than 80 percent. The pensioners get their money on time just like earning a salary.

One interesting thing that does not happen anywhere is that his government give the unemployed 92 dollars monthly to preserve their dignity. This is unheard of in any other country.

The truth is Algeria is easily one of North Africa’s friendliest and fascinating countries. From the vast and wild Sahara and gorgeous coastline; to the incredible array of cultural and historical sites; to the bustling cities filled to the brim with culture, there’s certainly a lot to love.

A fact that many people don’t know is that spread across more than 2 million square kilometers bordering Mali, Niger, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania, Algeria is the largest country on the continent. This means it beats out Libya, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and is nearly 5 times the size of Spain.

Kenya can learn a thing or two from Algeria. You rarely hear news of corruption daily from there. In Kenya, systems can work. The only problem is that we have fools and clueless humans in power.

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