Are Kenyans Being Robbed Openly By Public Likes?

by Business Watch Team

A few years ago, gambling took over Kenya with a magnitude that has never been witnessed before.

Every gambling firm rushed to open shop in Kenya and at one point, Kenya was described as a gambling nation.

Some people have called it robbing from the poor and gullible Kenyans and calling it a lottery or giving the poor man something to smile about.

Away with gambling. There is something new in town and every Kenyan tongue is wagging about this.

Have you heard about Public Likes? If you haven’t heard about it, then you are the only visitor in the old Jerusalem. Every Kenyan youth is talking about Public Likes.

This is an online platform that lets Kenyans view adverts on it and by clicking on each of the adverts, they get 10 shillings for each with one making up to 60 shillings per day.

For those who are able to upgrade, for instance, if one upgrades with 4,500 shillings, one is able to earn up to 250 shillings per day by watching at least 25 ads a day.

Concerns are, however, being raised about the authenticity of Public Likes and whether it is a genuine platform or not. On social media platforms, for instance, Kenyans are complaining that they are not able to withdraw their money as soon as they hit their target. Some have reported incidences where the withdrawing button disappears as soon as they hit the target.

The question is, are Kenyans being robbed by Public Likes? Why isn’t the platform coming forward to defend itself?


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