Are We Going To Allow KEMSA Billionaires Run Nairobi?

by Business Watch Team

Dear Nairobians,

This is another open letter to you. I know that Nairobi ni shamba la mawe and you are busy trying to make ends meet but please sit back for a minute and think about the source of our problems, the source of our poverty, and the source of tears and blood in the streets.

It is obvious that the source of our poverty, pain, tears, blood, and economic lameness is poor leadership and we are 100 percent to blame for the kind of leaders that we get. They say if you have thieves, murderers, liars, rapists in parliaments, means the people are well-represented.

Dear Nairobians, did our mothers stop giving birth to intelligent and upright kids who can be good governors of Nairobi County? Did our mothers decide to only start giving birth to looters, thieves, those thriving on impunity to be our leaders?

Dear Nairobians, have we sunk that low that every thug wants to be our governor? Have we sunk so low that drug dealers feel that City Hall is where they should be to lord over us? Have we sunk so low that drunkards and prostitutes want to be governors?

Dear Nairobians, did you know that the future of this city lies in your hands? Did you know that we have been electing pathetic governors for this city because it is you who let that happen? Are you still going to do the same this year?

This year, you have been given another blank cheque. There are thieves lined up wanting to be your governor. Some stole from Covid-19 victims and now they want to be Governors. Someone like Richard Ngatia has a dark record of stealing from Covid-19 patients. Do you want him to be your governor?

Dear Nairobians, imagine this; Richard Ngatia in charge of City Hall; Richard Ngatia in charge of your health; Richard Ngatia in charge of your kid’s scholarship funds and bursaries… The man who has used crooked means, stealing your taxes to be rich.

Bwana, let us be serious this time around. There are some good people running, one is Tim Wanyonyi. Why would you, in your sound mind, abandon Tim Wanyonyi and go for a KEMSA thief? Mmmh? This city needs you and it needs you to give it good leaders.

Do not accept to be used by selfish thieves so that they can get hold of higher offices to steal and protect themselves. We should not allow KEMSA thieves anywhere near City Hall.

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