Avoid Buying These 5 Things And Save Money

by Business Watch Team

Everyone would love to save but few people just know how. Saving is not easy as many people might think. You have to make sacrifices and endure some changes.

There are 5 things if you reduced buying or did away with all the same, you would save money this year:

1. Bottled Water

Are you a person who walks around with bottled water just to look expensive? Well, you may want to do the math and find out just how much you are spending on that.

Did you know that some of this bottled water is just tap water in a bottle? If you live in Nairobi, chances are that you are even drinking sewage water. Why don’t you just boil tap water?

2. Takeaway Food

People love fast foods. But have you ever found out how much they cost compared to if you had cooked your own food?

I know you will say that you only buy takeaway foods during lunchtime at work. Why don’t you carry your supper leftovers if you are serious about saving?

3. Meat

Study shows that an average Kenyan (especially the so-called middle-class) eats meat at least three times a week. Do the math, now much are you spending per month? How about reducing your meat consumption to about once a month or a week?

4. Beer

Well, there is no doubt that we are a drinking nation. But why would you be part of the statistic? Why would you drink from Monday to Monday? Why don’t you have a timetable so that you train yourself to drink once a week or once a month?

5. Grocery

Grocery is something you cannot miss in your house. Right? But where do you buy it? Did you know that it is more expensive to buy your grocery from a supermarket than from that SME seller in your neighborhood? Do the math and come back here.


It is good to save. It is good to be financially responsible and disciplined. Money loves people who are organized.

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