Be Teachable, You Cannot Learn By Knowing Everything

by Business Watch Team

If you are always the smartest in the room, then you better watch your steps because chances are that you are not learning anything.

There are people who know anything and everything. They are always talking and giving commands and experiences. They never stop to listen to learn. Any attempt to make them see sense is met with resistance.

You may be the boss. You may be the teacher. You may be the richest in the room. But you only learn by listening. By hearing what others say and the experiences they have.

The dangerousness of a lion is in its silence, not in its roar. When the lion is on a hunting mission, you will never see it roar. It is always silent, and mysterious and comes with an element of surprise.

Remember that the most stupid person is always mistaken to be wise until he speaks. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut might be your only way of remaining wise.

There are 3 laws of being teachable:

Law number one: Speak last. Let others in the room speak. Pick their thoughts. Ask them questions. Then speak last.

Law number two: If you don’t know it, don’t pretend to. Just ask for answers and people will explain them to you.

Law number two: it is not always about you. If you make everything about you, both the good and the bad, you will never learn.

If you are always the smartest in the room, chances are that you are in the wrong company. If your company does not motivate you to dream more, learn more, and grow more, you are not in a company, you are in bondage.

The secret to being teachable is to ask questions. Nothing beats asking questions. Do not be sarcastic if you want to learn. The person you might consider stupid might be wiser than you.

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