Binance Cracks Ribs, Sponsors Churchill Show

by Business Watch Team

Binance, the blockchain ecosystem, and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, sponsored the biggest comedy show in Kenya, in collaboration with Laugh Industry, as it continues in its mission to drive mainstream crypto adoption in Africa.

The show took place on June 4, 2022, at Mombasa Beach Hotel with over 3,500 attendees present at the event. The show included comedy skits, music and dance performances from local artists as well as speeches.

During the show, representatives from Binance also interacted with the audience. Attendees were informed on safe practices while dealing with cryptocurrencies in order to avoid scams.

The speech, which was led by George Mwakisha, Business Development Manager for East Africa at Binance, aimed at ensuring crypto enthusiasts were well equipped with knowledge about opportunities and safety within the industry.

“Blockchain education is at the heart of our focus in the global market. As a blockchain infrastructure provider, we are committed to ensuring that more and more people have access to the right information about the workings of the ecosystem. Africa is a very important market for Binance because we see the profound opportunity blockchain brings to the entire continent,” said George Mwakisha.

As part of the mission to drive blockchain adoption and enable greater access to financial services, Binance constantly provides free crypto education to Africans – on topics ranging from user protection to building a career in blockchain.

Leading up to the comedy show, Binance activated a 3-day roadshow, which included freebies, as it strengthened its connection with offline audiences across the continent.

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