Boda-Boda Association Petitions Parliament Seeking Audience

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The Boda-Boda Safety Association of Kenya has written to the Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr Samuel Njoroge seeking to be heard in an ongoing sector probe by the Finance and National Planning Departmental Committee.

The association, which claims to be the duly registered umbrella association representing Boda-Boda service providers in Kenya, is seeking to make representations in the Molo MP Kuria Kimani committee-led probe, which is considering a Boda- Boda-Boda-Boda-related matter following a query by Kigumo MP Hon. Joseph Munyoro.

Last February, Hon Munyoro sought a Statement regarding the measures and mechanisms the government has put in place to regulate the activities of Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) credit providers in the country, including addressing rogue lending institutions responsible for violations of consumers’ rights.

Following a recent committee sitting and engagement with a rival association, The Boda-Boda Safety Association of Kenya has now written to National Assembly Clerk Samuel Njoroge, expressing its interest in making oral and written submissions on the state of the Boda-Boda sector.

In the letter signed by Executive Chairman Mr Kevin Mubadi, the association has petitioned the National Assembly seeking its intervention to facilitate consultations with the Committee as the bona-fide Boda-Boda umbrella association.

“We are deeply concerned that the parliamentary probe has been initiated without consultation with the legally registered association that handles Boda-Boda issues in the country, which I lead. It is disheartening to learn from media reports that the finance committee has met with individuals claiming to be the National Boda-Boda leadership, causing widespread discontent among the Boda-Boda leadership across 47 counties due to clear misrepresentation,” Mr Mubandi said.

He added, “We, therefore, conclude that whatever the team purported to represent from the Boda-Boda leadership is null and void and does not represent the true voice of the riders and its leadership, and the committee should reconsider the information.”

Last week, the National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning confirmed that it is considering enacting regulations to guide the operations of the Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) credit providers after the plight of Boda-Boda operators at the hands of exploitative lenders was raised by Hon Munyoro in the House.

Confirming that the Committee is seized of the matter, the Committee Chairperson, Hon. Kuria Kimani (Molo), assured the operators that they would get to the bottom of the matter.

“We shall be placing advertisements in the dailies next week requesting all those operators affected to come forward and submit their complaints. Since most operators may not access the dailies, I am requesting the Association Chairman to inform them”, he told the operators.

He further revealed that the Committee will engage with the Competition Authority of Kenya and the Insurance Regulatory Authority to gain insights on how to tighten regulations governing lenders.

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