Bolt Hits The Ksh 10 Million Mark For Kenyan Flood Victims

by Business Watch Team

Bolt’s target to raise KES 10 million to assist flood victims was achieved. By riding on the Bolt platform using the ‘Flood Assist’ category, Bolt riders supported victims of the floods that plagued the country between March and May.

5% of each ride’s revenue from this category was apportioned and forwarded to the Kenya Red Cross Society. Subsequently, the Kenya Red Cross Society through its robust mechanisms was able to mitigate the impact of the floods that have caused significant loss of life, displacement, and damage to property and infrastructure.

The partnership between Bolt and the Kenya Red Cross Society to support flood victims across Kenya started in May 2024. Bolt gave an initial contribution of KES 5 million, with a total goal of raising KES 10 million through the Flood Assist category.

Speaking at the final handover ceremony, Linda Ndungu, Bolt Country Manager said: “Bolt is thrilled to announce that, thanks to our dedicated riders, we have successfully reached our goal of raising 10 million shillings. The funds raised will support flood victims through our esteemed partner, the Kenya Red Cross Society. The response to the ‘Flood Assist’ category was overwhelming, allowing us to meet our target in just two weeks. This achievement highlights the unwavering commitment of Kenyans to support each other in times of crisis, an incredible testament to our resilience as a nation. We commend the Kenya Red Cross for their outstanding work in aiding those affected by the floods and are confident that they will continue to make a positive impact as they help to restore lives.”

Intense rainfall has affected various regions in Kenya, including the Coastal area, Central areas including Nairobi, the Western Highlands, Rift Valley, Lake Victoria Basin, South-eastern lowlands, and North-eastern regions. Since the onset of the March-April-May (MAM) rains, multiple counties felt its effects, resulting in households being affected, displacements, establishment of displacement camps, submerged arable land, impacted businesses and livestock deaths. The Kenya Red Cross Society proactively prepared for these challenges by ensuring prompt emergency responses, conducting search and rescue missions, prepositioning shelter kits and distributing essential supplies. The Kenya Red Cross Society also actively engaged in risk communication efforts to raise public awareness and promote preparedness.

Venant Ndighila, Head of Disaster Operations, Kenya Red Cross Society said: “We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Bolt for their generous contribution to supporting those affected by the floods. We appreciate not only the monetary donations but also the overall support from Bolt and the broader Kenyan community. With the initial contributions, we were able to help families regain their footing with dignity by providing food, clean water, emergency shelter, and attending to their health needs. Additionally, we supported affected children by purchasing school supplies, particularly in the Mai Mahiu region. Moving forward, we will continue to aid these families in improving their livelihoods and reconstructing their homes through cash support. We remain thankful for this partnership with Bolt, especially during a time when overall support has diminished due to challenging economic conditions..”

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