Breaking The Barriers And Diminishing Stereotypes In Engineering

by Business Watch Team

Every year, on June 23rd, the world celebrates International Women in Engineering Day, recognizing women’s invaluable contributions to engineering.

For a trade as old as humanity, today’s engineering industry still lags in gender equality. The field has traditionally been male-dominated, perpetuating stereotypes that have discouraged many capable women from pursuing careers in this dynamic industry.

Individuals, corporates, and organizations should work together to recognize and celebrate women’s brilliance, technical acumen, and pioneering spirit across all engineering disciplines.

Promoting gender equality in aviation engineering is crucial for inspiring the next generation of female engineers. When young girls see successful women in the aviation industry, they see themselves in those roles and are encouraged to pursue their dreams.

For some time now, Jambojet has supported the Kenya Kesho School for Girls in Diani, one of their most popular destinations, with access to role models and the inner workings of the aviation industry for inspiration as they pursue their dreams.

Jambojet’s Head of Maintenace, Maureen Okomo, Miriam Mutua, and Alice Mbesa, Maintenance Technicians at Jambojet, spent time with ten girls from Kenya Kesho at the airstrip in Diani. The three engineers provided the girls with an in-depth exploration of the exterior and interior of the aircraft, offered simple explanations of what it takes to fly the plane, and even allowed them access to the cockpit’s controls to satisfy their curiosity.

Jambojet’s team, the Kenya Kesho pupils, some teachers, and founders headed to the Nomad Beach restaurant for a celebratory feast to mark the occasion.

The young girls presented songs they had prepared for all in attendance and a specially crafted collage of soda bottle caps of a Jambojet aircraft in the sky. This lovely gift was well received and now hangs proudly in the Jambojet HQ lobby. Jambojet also presented to the Kenya Kesho team branded notebooks and special sustainable pens made with recycled materials and which held seeds for planting in the School’s Garden when their use ends.

Jambojet offers educational scholarships to promising students interested in pursuing their education. These scholarships not only provide financial assistance but also serve as a source of inspiration, encouraging them to pursue their academic dreams. The low-cost airline also offers internships and mentorship programs to its sponsored students studying aviation engineering and related disciplines to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

International Women in Engineering Day serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of gender equality in the engineering field. Let us celebrate the accomplishments of women in engineering while committing ourselves to providing equal opportunities and fostering an environment where all engineers can excel.

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