Bringing A New Era Of Samsung AI TV To Kenya

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Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd. unveiled the 2024 TV and sound device line-up at the local Unbox & Discover event at Capital Club in Nairobi. The event showcased the latest Neo QLED 8K and 4K, OLED TVs, and sound devices.

As the world’s leading TV manufacturer for 18 consecutive years, Samsung’s offerings this year elevate the home entertainment experience with a range of powerful, AI-driven solutions.

Rahul Kochhar, Business Head of the Consumer Electronics Division at Samsung Electronics East Africa, said, “We are pushing the boundaries of home entertainment by integrating AI to enhance traditional viewing experiences. This year’s TV lineup demonstrates our commitment to innovation, offering products that provide premium viewing quality while significantly enhancing our consumers’ lifestyles.”

Elevating Senses With Neo QLED 8K: Clarity, Sound and Smart Experiences 

Neo QLED 8K is the flagship of Samsung’s latest TV line-up. It is equipped with the advanced NQ8 AI Gen2 processor, marking a significant leap in AI TV technology. This processor features a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) and an eightfold increase in neural networks from 64 to 256, ensuring an exceptional viewing experience with crisp details, regardless of the input source.

Every scene on the Neo QLED 8K is a feast for the eyes, thanks to its AI-driven picture technology. It brings out the finest details with outstanding clarity and naturalness, from facial expressions to subtle nuances. With 8K AI Upscaling Pro, users’ favorite shows and movies are transformed to match the 8K display closely, allowing them to enjoy the level of detail and picture clarity surpassing conventional 4K TVs. Additionally, AI Motion Enhancer Pro makes fast action smoother and clearer — a dream for sports fans — while Real Depth Enhancer Pro adds a lifelike depth to the picture and pulls viewers into the scene every time. All these features come together to redefine the big-screen experience.

The Neo QLED 8K also delivers audio powered by AI sound technology. This year’s Active Voice Amplifier Pro now excels at extracting dialogue from background noise, ensuring every word is heard clearly. Object Tracking Sound Pro also enriches the audio experience by syncing the sound with on-screen action, creating a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience. Adaptive Sound Pro refines the audio experience by intelligently adjusting the audio to the content and room acoustics for a genuinely rich and lifelike sound.

The Neo QLED 8K also boasts AI features that understand and adapt to user needs. The AI Auto Game Mode kicks in during gaming, optimizing the visuals and audio for an even more immersive and engaging gaming experience. The AI Customization Mode adjusts the picture for each scene based on user preference, while the AI Energy Mode saves power without compromising picture quality. These features ensure that Neo QLED 8K is easy, personalized, and energy-efficient for all entertainment needs.

Samsung’s latest TVs are designed with SmartThings AI capabilities to save energy. The new AI Energy Saving mode can reduce energy use by 23% compared to the standard mode. Thanks to SmartThings integration, various Samsung TVs can automatically adjust color validation based on the viewing environment to enhance energy efficiency. Samsung has also unveiled an upgraded Frame TV with dynamic screen refresh rates and better color validations for improved energy efficiency.

The Neo QLED 8K QN800D is available in sizes 65, 75, and 85 inches. The Neo QLED 4K is available in one model, QN85 D, and in sizes, 55, 65, 75, and 85, The Neo QLED 8K and 4K line-up promises an unparalleled viewing experience in the premium large-screen category.

Smart Features with Samsung Tizen OS for Enhanced Integration and Personalization

In 2024, Samsung’s AI screens are set to redefine the user experience with advanced connectivity and a suite of smart features, apps, and platforms. Leveraging the powerful Tizen OS, these innovations have created an ecosystem that is connected, personalized, and secure through Knox Security. This allows devices to integrate effortlessly into users’ digital worlds, transforming screens into a central hub for all their needs.

Samsung’s latest TVs are designed to connect with a smart ecosystem immediately upon setup. The moment users turn on their new Samsung TV, the TV recognizes and connects to existing networks and devices, all orchestrated through a simple notification on users’ smartphones. This effortless setup extends to all Samsung devices at home, third-party appliances, and IoT devices, thanks to its compatibility with HCA and Matter. This eliminates the need for extra hubs, so everything from lighting to security sensors can be managed directly from the screen.

Samsung’s 2024 screen line-up also brings integration with users’ smartphones to new heights. Users can bring their smartphone near the TV to activate Smart Mobile Connect, which turns the device into a universal remote for the TV and connected home appliances. Additionally, in 2024, users can use their smartphones as game controllers with a customizable user interface (UI) and haptic feedback, offering convenient and enhanced gameplay at their fingertips.

Beyond connectivity, Samsung’s 2024 Smart TVs provide a highly personalized experience with its apps and platforms. With the latest addition of widgets, TV screens are now personalized dashboards that allow users to easily monitor home status, camera feeds, energy usage, weather updates, and more.

Security is paramount, and with Samsung Knox, every feature, app, and platform benefits from robust protection, allowing connected experiences to remain private and secure.

Expansive Line-up for All Entertainment Needs: Neo QLED 4K, OLED and Sound Devices

Samsung is introducing an expanded and enhanced range of TVs and sound devices this year, designed to offer consumers a wider array of choices to suit diverse lifestyles and preferences. This comprehensive line-up underscores Samsung’s commitment to innovation and a customer-centric approach.

The 2024 Neo QLED 4K lineup brings cutting-edge innovations from the latest Neo QLED 8K flagship TVs, elevating the viewing experience with ground-breaking features powered by the NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor. This advanced chip breathes life into almost any content, rendering it in stunning 4K resolution. With the world’s first Pantone Validated display for color accuracy and Dolby Atmos for an immersive audio experience, Neo QLED 4K sets the bar for the ultimate 4K UHD experience. Neo QLED 4K will be available in sizes ranging from 55 to 98 inches, catering to diverse viewing environments.

Samsung is also introducing the world’s first Glare-Free OLED, eliminating unnecessary reflection while preserving deep blacks and clear images under lighting conditions. Powered by the same formidable NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor as the Neo QLED 4K lineup, Samsung’s OLED TVs boast features like the Real Depth Enhancer and OLED HDR Pro, bringing picture quality to new heights.

Additionally, with features such as Motion Xcelerator 144Hz ensuring smooth motion and quick response rates, Samsung OLED is the ultimate choice for gaming. Complemented by sleek designs, these OLED TVs elevate the viewing space. Available in Kenya in two models —S90D — ranging from 55 to 83 inches, there’s a perfect fit for every home.

The 2024 line-up also includes the latest Q-Series Soundbar, Q800D, which boasts an 11.1.4-channel setup with Wireless Dolby Atmos. This model comes with a host of features that stand as a testament to Samsung’s continued leadership as the world’s best-selling soundbar brand for the past 10 years, featuring innovations such as Sound Grouping for pulsating, room-filling sound and an option for personal listening that allows users to enjoy their content through rear speakers without disturbing others.

Samsung is pleased to announce the availability of pre-orders for its AI-powered TVs. Buy the 2024 Samsung AI TVs now and get amazing deals.

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