Carole Partners With Strathmore For A Mavazi Program

by Business Watch Team
Carole Kinoti

Iconic fashionista and designer brand, Carole Kinoti Brands, has partnered with Strathmore University Business School to offer the Mavazi Executive Programme.

The program will bring together the various stakeholders in the fashion industry creating a platform for creatives in the Kenyan fashion industry to discuss the changing face of the fashion industry in Kenya and Africa at large.

“This training Programme will instill enhanced design and business skills amongst established and upcoming designers, distributors in the fashion industry, and all the other players in the fashion value chain,” said Carole Kinoti Brands in a statement.

The “Mavazi Executive Programme (MEP)” is a training program that will instill enhanced design and business skills amongst the established and upcoming designers that participate in it.

The program will also provide the participants opportunities to develop and enhance their networks, business structures, systems, cultures, and brand visibility.

With these new skills, opportunities, and information the participants will enjoy an extended customer base, a rich network in the fashion value chain, increased revenues, and potential access to financing.

Upon successful completion of the program created by the Strathmore University Business School in partnership with the Carole Kinoti Brands’ participants will have an opportunity to join an exclusive network of Fashion Value chain players committed to creating sustainable ‘Made in Africa’ fashion trends known as the Mavazi Hub.

Shared regional marketing, supply, and distribution channels will create valuable synergies that will bring about economies of scale and an enhanced negotiating platform in the Fashion Value Chain.

Among the key benefits that the participants will get include;  Increased overall revenues by using new marketing, design, and networking insights; Extended networks amongst players in the Fashion Value Chain; Enhanced design and business skills; Opportunity to be a part of an exclusive community in the Fashion Value Chain; Creating and elevating the brand visibility of the participants’ businesses.

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