ChatGPT Is Turning Writers Into Bots And “Unreasonable”

by Business Watch Team

We know at one point in time technology will completely replace human beings. We may say, “No, it will just complement what humans do”, but we are just playing the ostrich game; lying to ourselves.

The coming of ChatGPT has been revolutionary. People have been praising it from all around the world. People have praised it so much that any contrary opinion is considered from someone who “doesn’t know how to use ChatGPT” and is “ignorant.”

ChatGPT might be good, but human beings are abusing it. Many people, especially writers, have abandoned their power of creativity and are now 100 percent robots, giving commands to ChatGPT and then sitting back and letting it generate content.

The worst is these human beings, carry the content from ChatGPT the way it is and consider it as gospel truth. Scarier, this habit has landed in the mainstream media and the sight is just pathetic and scary at the same time.

I am not trying to underscore the value and capabilities of ChatGPT. It is an amazing tool. But people are replacing their brains with them. People are no longer thinking, and they are not aware that soon their jobs will be taken over.

Let me tell you something about AI. Human beings might have created AI but AI is way smarter than human beings. Why? AI learns from humans and improves on what it learns from humans, hence, with time, better than humans.

The more we use ChatGPT, the more it learns our way of writing, thinking, and doing things. With time, it would be better, and smarter than any greatest writer on earth. Buy it or leave it, in years to come, writers will not be needed.

I support Elon Musk. He says, as much as we are excited about AI, we shouldn’t let it replace who we are; human. It should complement us. We should be smarter than it. Not the other way around.

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