CNN Explores Modern-day Africa With New Way Of Telling Stories

by Business Watch Team

CNN International’s longest-running feature show, Inside Africa, is heading into 2021 with a new mission to tell stories about up-to-the-minute trends, triumphant accomplishments, and innovative solutions from Africa’s brightest minds.

For over 20 years, Inside Africa has captivated CNN’s global audience with stories that challenge assumptions and explore new experiences – taking viewers on a journey through Africa’s hidden beauty and natural treasures, all while highlighting the achievements and potential of its people.

Debuting on 9 January 2021, the new Inside Africa will tell the story of today’s Africa with a focus on the future and the individuals, endeavors, and innovations already shaping it. These stories will be told across TV, digital, and social media platforms to connect with and inspire audiences from all over the world.

Each week, Inside Africa will either deep-dive into a particularly hot topic in a specific country, or take a broader look at a trend addressing a challenge or a need across the continent.

Using a documentary-style approach, each episode will give viewers an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Africa’s most outstanding personalities to truly experience their life, work, and passion.

The first episode, airing on CNN International from 9 January, will showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigeria. In this episode, viewers will meet the start-up stars who know that tech is central to improving our world and that innovation is the secret to success.

Inside Africa will speak to some of Nigeria’s entrepreneurs who, having put in the hard work to build up their businesses, are now ready to take on the global stage. Further episodes in the pipeline will look at people making an impact in Africa’s e-sports scene, South Africa’s innovative Agri-preneurs, and the up-cycling revolutionaries of Mauritius.

Continuing its support for Inside Africa into this new era is Zenith Bank, the long-time sponsor and commercial partner for the program. In-keeping with the contemporary focus for Inside Africa, the look and feel for the content will be revamped across all platforms with new design, graphics, and imagery.

“We are delighted to be entering a new chapter for one of our best-loved feature shows,” said Ellana Lee, Senior Vice President, CNN International.

“Over the years we have captivated global audiences by telling stories that documented how we reached this moment in time for Africa. To truly reflect the dynamic Africa that is being built right now, the focus of Inside Africa will pivot to explore both the Africa of today and, more importantly, what it looks like tomorrow. I cannot wait to unveil this new show to the world as CNN tells the stories of the people shaping the continent’s future.

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