Concerns Raised Over Many Illegal Hatcheries In Kenya

by Business Watch Team

In a growing concern within Kenya’s poultry industry, farmers are facing substantial losses due to the proliferation of illegal hatcheries and breeder farms, resulting in alarming mortality rates among day-old chicks.

Distressed by these circumstances, Kenyan poultry farmers are urging the Department of Veterinary Services to take immediate action to curb this issue.

Illegal hatcheries and breeder farms have emerged as a significant problem for the poultry sector in Kenya. These clandestine operations lack the necessary infrastructure, hygiene standards, and veterinary oversight, which have led to the high mortality rates of day-old chicks. This, in turn, is imposing substantial economic burdens on poultry farmers who are striving to meet the nation’s growing demand for poultry products.

Kenya’s poultry industry plays a vital role in the country’s food security and economic development. However, the adverse effects of these illegal operations on the industry cannot be understated. The poor management practices employed by these unregulated entities result in weak and vulnerable chicks, leading to substantial financial losses for legitimate poultry businesses.

Mr. John Kariuki, a poultry farmer from Kiambu County, expressed his concerns, saying, “The situation has become unbearable. The mortality rate among our day-old chicks is unprecedented, and we are unable to compete effectively in the market. We urge the Department of Veterinary Services to step in and protect our industry.”

Poultry farmers across Kenya are demanding that the Department of Veterinary Services launch a comprehensive crackdown on illegal hatcheries and breeder farms. They are calling for stricter enforcement of regulations and standards to ensure that all operations meet the required health and hygiene standards. Additionally, farmers are urging the government to provide support for legal hatcheries and breeder farms to increase their production capacity and meet the growing demand.

Dr. Jane Mwangi, a leading poultry veterinarian, stated, “We must address this issue promptly. The health of our poultry stocks directly impacts the quality of poultry products available to consumers. We need stringent measures to ensure that only compliant hatcheries and breeder farms are allowed to operate.”

The Department of Veterinary Services has taken note of these concerns and is currently working on a plan to address the issue. They have pledged to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to identify and shut down illegal operations, ensuring that only licensed hatcheries and breeder farms are in operation.

As the Kenyan poultry industry grapples with the challenges posed by illegal hatcheries and breeder farms, the resolve of its farmers remains unshaken. They look forward to a brighter future where quality and safety are prioritized, and the industry can continue to thrive.

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