Corruption: A Spotlight On Richard Moitalel Ole Kenta, Narok North Constituency

by Business Watch Team

Corruption in Kenya goes by different names. Some call it “the dragon.” You will hear the politicians saying “We need to slay the dragon of corruption.” Some call it “cancer.” Once in a while, you will hear them say, “let us end cancer that is ailing the economy.”

It goes without saying that Kenya is going down the road of no return, thanks to corruption. It is like everyone given an opportunity to lead or take care of resources, the first agenda is to steal, the second agenda is to steal and the third agenda is to steal.

Corruption in Kenya starts with the type of leaders that we have. As Kenyans, we have an unusual habit of electing some of the most aloof leaders ever. We are always electing hypocrites, thieves, warmongers and individuals filled with anger, fury, hatred and always hungry for public resources.

Our politicians know that as voters, we are always gullible. They will get elected through one party, steal, loot, kill then change to join another party. Every time they join another party, voters see them as “born-again”, new people, ready to take Kenyans and their constituents to the “promised land.”

In 2013, Richard Moitalel Ole Kenta was elected a Member of Parliament for Narok North under the TNA party but decamped to Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) in 2013. He later “regretted” having supported Jubilee, the party that had taken him to parliament. Party hopping is a characteristic of many politicians in Kenya.

Our Members of Parliament like referring to themselves as “Honorable Members”. You will hear them introducing themselves as “My name is Honorable So and So…” and they are always held in high esteem by the electorates. But when these same “honorable members” turn into hungry hyenas and wolves in sheep’s skin and steal from the very people who elected them, they lose that title, “honorable.”

Did you hear the story of 17 lawmakers who claimed false mileage from the National Assembly just to steal from the public? The 17 included among others Richard Moitalel Ole Kenta from Narok North who pocketed a whopping 396,440 shillings, Makali Mulu from Kitui Central who pocketed 306,680 shillings among others. You realize the name of Moitalel popping up.

In January 2015, Mr. Ole Kenta was arrested among other legislators for organizing a demonstration that later turned ugly leading to the death of two Kenyans. During the demonstrations, the police opened fire and injured scores of people.

The people of Narok North deserve better. They need hospitals. They need roads. They need water. They need better lives for their children and a future for their livestock. They do not deserve a raw deal.

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