Cost Of Data Breach Worldwide Was USD 4.24 Million In 2021

by Business Watch Team

The average cost of a data breach worldwide last year was 4.24 million U.S. dollars. Phishing and firmware attacks are on the rise, half a million password attacks occur daily, and ransomware is a continuous threat to every business.

Dell Technologies is introducing new products and services focused on the Zero Trust cybersecurity model. This is a cybersecurity architecture that shifts how organizations approach security from reliance solely on perimeter defenses to a proactive strategy that allows only known-good activity across ecosystems and data pipelines.

The Zero Trust model enforces trust across devices, users, networks, applications, infrastructure, and data with automation and orchestration across the modern workplace stack and leverages analytics and visibility to provide insights.

Zero Trust follows the guiding principles:

Verify explicitly — always verify users, devices, and network requests based on every available data point regardless of their location

Use least privileged access — limit user access to the resources they absolutely need for their current role and job functions

Assume breach—segment access, leverage end-to-end encryption, and continuously look for threats and ways to strengthen defenses

Instead of assuming everything within the network perimeter can be trusted, Zero Trust continuously authenticates every device and entity, verifies behavior is explicitly allowed and ensures actions are understood and monitored.

A thoughtful implementation of Zero Trust principles, leveraging both the right strategy and modern security tools, is needed so as not to hinder productivity in a hybrid work environment.

The path to Zero Trust looks different for every organization and it is a complex journey to implement this architecture. Dell is committed to simplifying the adoption of Zero Trust by streamlining integration across IT environments.

No matter where an organization is on its Zero Trust journey, it is important to establish where they stand, measure progress as they go, prioritize efforts that maximize business impact and instill a security mindset throughout the organization.

Dell created an accelerated approach to protecting Microsoft ecosystems using Zero Trust principles, Microsoft solutions, and our security expertise. Our Identity & Endpoint Protection with Microsoft Zero Trust services are designed to quickly help organizations understand their current security posture and priorities to achieve Zero Trust alignment, then provide expert guidance, implementation services, adoption, and change management strategies to drive secure outcomes.

By Mustafa Hamid, Global Discipline Lead, Modern Workforce, Dell Technologies Consulting Services

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