Counties To Receive Ksh 7.387 Billion For County Climate Resilience

by Business Watch Team

Kenyan Counties are set to receive Kshs. 7.387 billion Climate Resilience Investment Grants from the Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) Program.

The disbursement comes after a total of Kshs. 979 million institutional strengthening grants were already disbursed to counties last financial year.

The Kshs. 7.387 billion will be shared amongst the 44 counties that met FLLoCA minimum performance conditions with each county receiving a share based on their performance score.

To be eligible for funding counties had to put in place county climate finance institutions such as a County Climate Change Fund, and County Climate Change Unit and carry out a Participatory Climate Risk Assessment and Action Planning at the ward level.

Another important condition was for counties to devote 1.5% of their development towards the County Climate Change Fund. This has seen counties allocate a total of Kshs. 3 billion in the current financial year.

The program is managed by the National Treasury and Planning working closely with the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry and the Council of Governors. It is funded by the national and county governments as well as the World Bank and the Governments of Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden. The funding will help counties develop and implement tailored climate resilience strategies to respond to the risks identified by communities in sectors such as agriculture, water, and natural resource management. This will result in a more sustainable and secure future for local communities across Kenya.

While handing over the cheque President William Samoei Ruto said:

“FLLoCA resonates with my vision in that;

  • The program has moved from pilots to scale, targeting communities across Kenya; and has done so by working through our public financial management systems and offering a platform for coordinating and crowding in multiple development partners.
  • It views communities not just as victims of climate change but as powerful agents in responding to the impacts of climate change.
  • It has a focus on community-led climate action echoing my Government’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda.”

Commenting on the initiative, the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury and Economic Planning, Njuguna Ndung’u, CBS, noted: “We believe that meaningful change begins at the grassroots level, and this is why we are committed to involving communities in the decision-making process. By strengthening local engagement, we are not only equipping citizens with the tools and knowledge to combat climate change but also inspiring the next generation of climate leaders”.

The Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Forestry, Ho. Soipan Tuya, CBS, said that there was a need to focus on the grassroots to make climate change mitigation a reality. “We are at a critical stage in our fight against climate change, and it is therefore paramount to take bold, decisive action to safeguard our planet and its inhabitants. The CCRI grants are designed to provide the necessary resources and support to communities and innovators as they develop creative, and effective locally-led strategies to combat the impact of climate change and mitigate its consequences thereof,” she said.

The Chair Person Council of Governors H.E. Anne Mumbi Waiguru, who is also the Governor of Kirinyaga, noted that by actively involving local communities in the decision-making process,  the county governments can develop more effective and context-specific strategies that take into account the unique challenges faced by each county.

“The disbursement of the grants represents a significant milestone in the journey towards a climate-resilient Kenya. By equipping communities and governments with the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge, we can ensure that communities are better prepared for the challenges brought by climate change”.

The FLLoCA Program will continue to provide ongoing technical support and capacity-building assistance to County Governments throughout the entire process to ensure the successful utilization of the CCIS grants and implementation of the PCRA process.

Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) Program strives to create a more sustainable, secure, and prosperous future for all. By partnering with County Governments, businesses, and communities, the Program works collaboratively to develop and implement effective climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. Our mission is grounded in the belief that, together, we can build a world that is more resilient in the face of climate challenges, while also fostering social, economic, and environmental well-being.

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