Crown Paints Wins Eco-Conscious Manufacturing Excellence Award

by Business Watch Team
Crown Paints

As the world increasingly continues to move towards adopting green and friendly solutions in a race against time to save the earth, Crown Paints, a leading paint, and coating company in Kenya, has won the prestigious Eco-Conscious Manufacturing Excellence Award for the year 2023-2024 at the ESG Awards 2024. 

The ESG Awards ceremony serves as a platform for the public to vote for companies that are making significant strides in promoting sustainability and responsible business practices. The awards bring together companies in Kenya that are dedicated to the principles of ESG, Crown Paints being among them. 

The award comes at a time when the company has stepped up efforts to integrate eco-friendly practices into its manufacturing processes, producing products that are not only friendly to the users, but to the whole ecosystem, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility inside and outside the realm of paint and coating industry. 

“We have always strived to give our customers the best. We recognize the fact that each one of us has a role to play in making the world a better place than we found it. As they say, this world does not belong to us. We have only borrowed it from the future generations. It is our responsibility to hand it over to them in good shape. This is a commitment we have made as a company,” said Padmanabhan Ettammal, Crown Paints General Manager of Technical and Operations. 

Ettammal said Crown Paints has over the years pioneered the adoption of environmentally friendly raw materials, ensuring that its entire supply chain aligns with global sustainability standards. “As the demand for paints and coating continues to surge within the country, there is a need to have products that align with the green economy and investments within the real estate sector that are registering significant growth”, he explained. 

The General Manager said the paint firm is committed to reducing waste, use of renewable energy, and promoting a circular economy through robust recycling programs, waste reduction strategies, and the use of solar energy that will ensure the environmental impact of its operations is minimized. 

At the same time, the company has actively engaged with the local community, conducting awareness programs on environmental conservation and sustainability. The firm believes in the power of education and collaboration, understanding that building a sustainable future requires the collective effort of individuals, businesses, and communities.

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