Data Integrated Limited And Toyota Kenya Set Up Handwashing Facilities At City Bus Termini

by Business Watch Team

Data Integrated Limited has partnered with Toyota Kenya to avail handwashing facilities at various bus termini in the Nairobi Metropolitan area in efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus through the public transport ecosystem.

Under the partnership, the firms will provide the handwashing facilities that include portable water tanks, stands for tanks and soap dispensers, soap, and hand sanitizers to the Likana, Obama, Kaka Travellers, City Shuttle, Mwiki, and Baba Dogo Saccos at the Khoja, OTC, Ambassador, Odeon and Fire Station termini.

Data Integrated Limited will play a key role in the implementation of the initiative through its close working relationship with the Nairobi metropolitan area public transport SACCOs.

Mary Mwangi, CEO, and Founder, Data Integrated Limited said, “We have already initiated discussions with the Chairpersons of this SACCOs to identify areas to install the handwashing points at the various bus termini.

With public transport being one of the major concern areas that could lead to a spike in the positive coronavirus cases, all stakeholders in the industry need to come together and support the implementation of the Ministry of Health guidelines on the most important basic hygiene measures which include regular handwashing with soap and water or cleansing with hand sanitizers.”

Toyota Kenya Managing Director Arvinder Reel said, “Since the country recorded its first coronavirus case in early March, we have instituted a number of preventive health measures to protect our staff and clients from contracting the virus.

This initiative with Data Integrated Limited enables us to extend this support to one of our largest stakeholders; the public transport sector, where the Toyota Hiace has built a reputation of reliability, excellent performance, and suitability for the public transport business.”

Data Integrated Limited and Toyota Kenya have already received the backing of the Nairobi Metropolitan Transport Authority (NaMATA), which has played a central role in coordinating all the concerned public transport operators.

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