Dear Entrepreneur, Do Not Trust Everyone In A Suit

by Business Watch Team

Running a business or providing a service is becoming a challenge by the day, not just in Kenya but around the world. With Covid-19 re-emerging, countries going into war, and the spread of the infamous Monekypox, the world is just chaotic.

When making business deals, people are becoming more crafty with each passing day. Maybe they are greedy or just want all to themselves while capitalizing on your labor and skills. When making a business deal, word of mouth should not just be the final word.

My rule in business has always been; Do not trust everyone in a suit. Do not trust every smile. Do not mistake everyone who talks gently to mean is a gentleman or a lady. Everyone wears a mask and their true colors often come to the surface when they get hold of money.

When doing business, do everything by the book. Insist on signed contracts, LPO, Quotations, and Invoices. Another important thing that many people forget is to insist that all official communications are done via email. Although there are efforts to have WhatsApp messages admissible as “official communication” in Kenya.

Now that cases of people refusing to pay suppliers are on the rise in Kenya, it is important to know some legal channels to get your money. The very first would be to threaten to damage the person’s reputation via social media platforms. Many say it is uncouth, but trust me, it works miracles.

Another way will be to go to court. The good thing is Kenya now has a “Small Claims Court” that is a savior for SMEs and influencers trying to get their cash after supplying services to comment who do not want to buy. If you cannot beat them up, take them to court. Do not give these thieves a chance.

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