Dear Nairobians, This City Deserves Better

by Business Watch Team

This is an open letter to the people of Nairobi City County. This is an open letter, not to undermine their ability to know what is right for the city but to jog their mind to use their brain while doing so. This is an open letter to you during this election year.

Dear Nairobians, this city controls over 30 percent of Kenya’s gross domestic product (GDP). It is the first and still is the capital city of the Republic of Kenya. It is one of the backbones of this country that we cannot afford to leave in the hands of fools.

Perhaps you do not know that more than 5 million people live in this city. At the same time, more continue to migrate into it, and more keep on being born. It is a great city that is popularly known as the “City on the Sun,” though not anymore.

For years, Nairobi used to be the city of glory, the land of opportunities where everyone loved to move to in search of greener pastures and to keep their folks at home alive and kicking. They still do but not as they used to do years back but when Nairobi was full of hope.

Nairobi was a source of hope for millions of Kenyans and expatriates. It was a home and pillar that supported the rest of the country both socially and economically. It is a city that initiated various revolutions from leadership to other sectors.

Being the “seat of power”, and the heart of the “House on the Hill,” the power and significance of Nairobi City County cannot be undermined. Basically, Kenya cannot do without Nairobi.

Things started going South when this city fell into the hands of cartels; thieves, drunkards, rapists, murderers, PR, and miracle merchants among others. Since then, they have taken hostage of the city, raping and defiling it daily.

With the kind of people we have bestowed the leadership of Nairobi City County on, the city has disintegrated and now is in shambles, ruins, a pathetic stature of its former self.

Since devolution, we have elected thieves, drunkards, and murderers as leaders of this great County, and when people start dying, and our money starts getting lost, we loudly wonder why. We are to blame. We are the ones who elect these human beings.

Look at how dirty this city is… Look at the filthy and smelly raw sewage flowing in our homesteads, schools, and roads… Look at the level of insecurity where one is mugged and killed in broad daylight with no action being taken… Look at the state of the buildings, amenities such as water, health, among others… Pathetic. Sad. Tears. Blood.

Dear Nairobians, the year 2022 is here. You may have realized that the same thieves, same PR and miracle merchants, looters, rapists, and murderers are out saying that they have perfect plans to take this city to the next level.

Drums of war and words are already beating. Some who stole from COVID-19 patients during the infamous KEMSA scandal are now walking around talking like the “Martin Luther King” saying they gave visions and dreams for this county.

Some, who have been selling false to poor Kenyans through their churches while stealing from them in the name of “glory”, are here now saying their visions and dreams for this great city.

Some, who have done nothing tangible, always sitting on the fence whenever a moral decision has to be taken, those who have mastered the art of PR, now want to be leaders of this great city.

Dear Nairobians, of all the people who have shown interest to be the custodians of Nairobi City County; from Richard Ngatia to Johnson Sakaja, from Margret Wanjiru to Agnes’s Kagure, comparing them to Tim Wanyonyi, the current MP for Westlands, you will realize that only one man stands out; and that is Tim.

This city, dear Nairobians, needs a sober mind. Needs someone who knows what it means by being a leader. It needs someone who is responsible, accountable, and reliable. It does not need thieves, miracle merchants, PR masters or those who trade in biological tools.

Dear Nairobians, this is the year that the Constitution has given you a blank cheque. Please use your head this time around, see through these people and bring back the lost glory of our great city.

Thank you.

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