Dear Teachers, Kick Off The Year By Covering Yourself and Family

by Business Watch Team

Dear teachers, the New Year has kicked off. What are some of the resolutions set for you and your family this year?

Have you thought about resolving to medically cover yourself and your family this year? Do you know that having a medical cover is the wisest thing ever? Your health has no alternative. You have to always make sure that your present and future health is secured.

Have you heard about the Minet Teachers Medical Scheme, a product that every teacher under the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) can have and leave happily thereafter?

Any teacher who is under the TSC and actively in service automatically qualifies to enjoy products and services under this scheme. Registration into the scheme has been made so easy.

To register, you only need two things:

  1. TSC Number
  2. D Number

You can do the registration from the comfort of your zone. All you need is to pick up your phone, dial *865# from either your Safaricom or Airtel line. You will be prompted to key in your TSC number and your ID number. You will be required to enter your name role and gender. Just like that. Registration will be complete.

Now, Minet knows that you have those who depend on you and you cannot be covered and leave your family in the cold and that is why the following family members are also eligible for cover:

  1. One legal spouse of the member.
  2. Four unmarried biological or legally adopted children depend on the member for support. The children should not be less than 38 weeks old and not more than 18 years old. The cover is extended to 25 years if the defendant is admitted to a recognized post-secondary institution.
  3. Any dependant living with a disability with no age limit.

To register for the dependants, dial *865#, select the type of those you want to be covered, for instance, spouse or child. Enter their Date of Birth, full names, ID number, or Birth Certificate Number.

So, are you a teacher? Register with Minet to become a premium member then cover those who depend on you too.

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