Final Day For The Next Radio Presenter Giant By NRG

by Business Watch Team

By Ian Pat

Radio enthusiasts have one more day to try out for the NRGetic MVPs which is a campaign seeking to offer opportunities to the very best raw talent from the country.

Into its third edition- NRGetic MVPs talent search has since seen the making of some of the newest Radio sensations Stephanie Aurelia, Three Men Army, Ibu Ikenene, Sean Preezy, DJ Niche, DJ Brito, Charlie Karumi, Ayuma Kaguli amongst many others.

NRGetic MVPs, a talent search reality property owned and produced by NRG Radio was the first talent search for radio stars to hire very raw undiscovered talent. NRG has groomed so many young people made them stars in the industry.

NRGetic MVPs call for Presenters, DJs, Podcasters and content creators with a twist for special categories this year is on its final stretch with just one day to go. See .

Speaking to the press, the CEO and NRG Radio founder Kevin Mulei noted “We are very passionate about building platforms and raising young stars. We want to impact the young people, give them a voice and a place to freely express themselves.”

“We must pay it forward and NRG Radio is doing everything it can to    empower young people hence raising confident and courageous young leaders of tomorrow. If you are crazy enough to believe that you have what it takes to be anything you put your mind and are ready to take on the world – then NRG Radio welcomes you home,” he added.

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