Financial Planning Strategies To Help Navigate Covid-19

by Business Watch Team

Everybody is thinking of how to financially beat Covid-19. Things are getting tough with each passing day. Businesses have shut down and family savings are running out.

The SME sector in Kenya has been hard-hit by the ongoing pandemic. Before Covid-19, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) had it that at least 1,000 SMEs were dying daily in Kenya. With Covid-19, how many are closing shop daily?

It is with this in mind that Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) had been holding a series of online training sessions to help businesses and individuals manage their businesses and financed during this period.

The free online training through the brings various experts with a range of knowledge on various aspects of businesses and finances to train business owners and individuals who want to sail through Covid-19.

What are some of the financial strategies to help you sail through Covid-19?

This coming Friday, Mr. Kinai William will be taking the audience through financial planning strategies to help them navigate through Covid-19. To be part of the training, both SMEs and individuals are requested to register in a process that takes less than a minute by clicking on

Save as much as you can

Currently, nobody knows what tomorrow holds. Whatever little you have today might come in handy tomorrow. It is good to save for a rainy day.

Stick to your budget

Have a budget for whatever you want to buy. A budget is simply a plan that will guide your spending. Have a plan and be disciplined enough to follow it.

You can still invest

Who said because there is a pandemic people cannot invest? You can still invest. Currently, so many people are investing their savings in money market funds. Give it a try.

To find out more financial planning strategies to help you navigate through Covid-19, make a date with Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) through their Inuka SME platform. You can also follow the conversation on Twitter on #InukaSMEChat.

Mr. William Kinai

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