Follow Amerix Only If You Lack A Brain Of Your Own

by Business Watch Team

There is a guy on Twitter called Amerix. There is no doubt that the guy has a huge following on the platform. His followers, mostly men, take his word as the gospel truth and some will tear you into pieces if you dare go against their prophet; Amerix.

Sometimes he has good advice when it comes to business. But when it comes to other matters such as relationships, the man is a bitter soul, filthy and unreasonable. He thrives on hating women and thinking that making them less human makes him more intelligent.

Going through some of the posts he posts on Twitter, one would think that the man never came out of a vagina of a woman but dropped all the way from heaven. Seeing his posts, one would think the man doesn’t have a wife. One would think the man either whacks his tail or just screws other inanimate things.

Scarier is we have left him to spew venom and stupidity for a long time to the point that he thinks that he is the smartest guy on Twitter. He calls himself a “Doctor” but most of the things he shares concerning health are copied from Google.

Any man who believes what Amerix says without questioning is a weak man. A man who does not have a brain of his own. Nobody will subscribe to that crap in the name of wisdom. I know that there are women who are worse too, who hate men the way Amerix hates women but he should keep his bitterness to himself.

Amerix behaves as if his third leg is a magic one, one that should be adored. We can say whatever we want. His followers can throw stones the way they want but one thing remains clear; some of his posts are smelly and full of stupidity.

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