Former Twitter CEO And Founder Rolls Out His Twitter-Like App On Android

by Business Watch Team
Jack Dorsey

Former Twitter CEO and Co-founder Jack Dorsey has launched Bluesky, a social media app to be accessible by Android users. Jack sold Twitter to Elon Musk.

While still at the helm of Twitter, Jack Dorsey was working on Bluesky as a “side project” with funding from Twitter and took it up fully when he sold Twitter to Elon Musk.

Bluesky already has more than 20,000 users who have subscribed to it. Initially, it was only available to those who use iOS phones. He has decided to launch it on Android too.

Jack Dorsey was among the millions of users whose blue tick verification mark was taken away by Elon Musk for failing to pay. The mark was however returned on Saturday night to accounts that had more than 1 million followers.

Jack has not announced the plans he has to rival Twitter which has become a global social media tool that is sending all the mainstream media houses back to the drawing board.

According to Jack, Bluesky will enable users to tailor their own content and determine how it should be disseminated as opposed to Twitter. The man has, however, not commended on how Twitter is being run by Elon Musk with almost the whole world complaining.

After leaving Twitter, Jack Dorsey has been carrying out other tech projects. He is a heavy investor in Cryptocurrency and also runs a mobile cash app.

During the year, the former Twitter CEO was in Kenya to sample out startups where he wanted to partner with them and invest in them. There were also rumors that he was in Kenya to benchmark the n M-Pesa to see how it works and how it can be rolled out globally.

It is sure that Jack Dorsey has a lot to do if he wants Bluesky to beat Twitter, the company he started from scratch.

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