Free Fuel For 12 Months If You Buy A Suzuki Vitara

by Business Watch Team

Customers who purchase the Suzuki Vitara from Toyota Kenya are set to enjoy a full year’s supply of fuel from Total Kenya.

In addition to the deal with the fuel marketer, Toyota Kenya is also extending discounts on the Vitara and other Suzuki models that include the Swift and the Ertiga, ranging between Ksh140,000 and Ksh240,000.

“With Suzuki brands already priced affordably in a price-conscious market, we believe that this offer in partnership with Total Kenya not only gives our customers a financial cushion under the current circumstances but will further entrench our philosophy of delivering quality, durability, and reliability at a pocket-friendly cost,” said Toyota Kenya.

Suzuki Vitara is an SUV at an affordable price that delivers energetic styling and authentic design. The 1600CC engine-powered Vitara is equipped with a unique ALLGRIP 4-wheel drive system and fuelled by the authentic Suzuki SUV-genes.

With the hard economic times, the vehicle is fuel-efficient hence ensuring owners get great value for their money.

Under Toyota Kenya, owners of Suzuki models are able to access Toyota’s quality first-class service, at a low maintenance cost from the dedicated and fully-fledged spare-parts and after-sales facilities nationally.

Toyota Kenya currently boasts of a countrywide network of over 30 branches and service centers.

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