Government Planning To Open Schools In June Amid Rising Cases Of Covid-19

by Business Watch Team

News that the government, through the Ministry of Education is planning to reopen schools in June amid the rising cases of Covid-19 should not just make sacred but mad, angry, and furious.

Truth is the majority of public schools in Kenya are in sorry state and will only act as agents of death in terms of spreading the deadly virus among our kids.

The government, before undertaking this silly decision should ask itself the following questions: Have all the Kenyans including students and teachers been tested of Covid-19? How many schools are capable of supporting students in terms of observing social distance and maintaining hygiene at all times? What is one of the students is infected and puts all the others at risk?

Education CS George Magoha has continuously displayed some high levels of being detached from the reality by insisting among other things that students MUST sit this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). Why is he insisting on exams without first thinking about the safety of the students?

The government should not be allowed to play with the lives of our kids in the name of education. Of what use to education will the kids be if they will end up getting infected and dying?

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