Guidelines And Strategies To Prevent And Reduce Transmission Of Covid-19 At The Workplace

by Business Watch Team

Covid-19 is still sweeping across the country. With the emergence of the new Omicron variant, there is a need for Kenyans to continue being vigilant. How can we prevent and reduce the transmission of Covid-19 at the workplace?

First, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health in Kenya have clearly laid-out guidelines on how people can reduce the transmission of Covid-19. These guidelines are helpful when it comes to a workplace too.

To prevent and reduce the transmission of Covid-19 pandemic at workplaces, this is what Kenyans should do:


Vaccinations have been rolled out across the country. The government, through the Ministry of Health, has been calling on Kenyans to get vaccinated. At the workplace, employers should encourage their employees to get vaccinated.

Vaccinations have been proved to reduce the severity of the Covid-19 and make bodies stronger in handling the virus. Having the team get vaccinated should be given priority.

Working in shifts

One way to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 is to maintain social distance. At workplaces where employees must physically be present to work, working in shifts to reduce the number of people in the office will help in preventing the transmission of Covid-19.

Working online/from home

Working from home is the new norm. Businesses that do not need employees to physically be president should embrace working from home/online to minimize physical interactions to keep their members safe.

Reduce on public transport

Public transport in Kenya resumed ferrying passengers at full capacity. There is no social distancing in matatus and other public transport systems. This means that one has a high risk of being exposed while using public transport.

Employees should be encouraged to use cabs, their own cars, or if the company has a car, use it to ferry them to their homes.


Masks are now a basic commodity. A workplace should have masks throughout to give them to employees and visitors who might visit the office without. Employees should be encouraged to always put on their masks.


Workplaces should have sanitizers and all employees encouraged to sanitize regularly. Visitors should also be encouraged to sanitize before accessing a workplace.

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