Here Are 10 Causes Of Depression Among The Youth In Kenya

by Business Watch Team

Mental health is becoming a serious issue that Kenyans need to sit down and address. It is no longer business as usual given the way many youth and families are wallowing in depression.

Here are 10 causes of depression among Kenyans:

No money. This is actually among the main reason. It is more hard on men. Many men are running into depression simply because they have no money. The majority are as broke as a church mouse while the society expects so much from them.

Unemployment: The unemployment rate in Kenya, according to World Bank was at 36.5% four years ago. GoK rubbished the stats and shelved the report. An official from National Employment Authority put the figure at 43%. At least 96.8% of qualified youths have no jobs.

Toxic work places: we have those who have jobs but the same are killing them slowly from within. Too much pressure, too much desperation of always being scared of tomorrow. Many bosses, especially in the SME sector are toxic and killing their young employees emotionally.

Delay in salaries. You might be employed but your salary takes ages to come. With bills to pay and with debts to settle, you become more angry and devastated about your salary than other challenges. Common among those in medical fraternity (nurses).

Black tax. Black tax is common for firstborns or for siblings that have “made it” compared to others. Here is where your family/relatives expects you to take care of them simply because you have some cash than them. You end up carrying a whole community.

Peer pressure: During the December holidays, I saw so many friends taking loans to go to Diani just because they saw other friends there. Now January is here, they have no money and they have bills and loans to pay.

Partners: Your partner has a huge role to play in determining your depression levels. Sadly, most of our partners are pushing us to early graves by being sources of depress and stress. Be careful of who you choose to spend your life with.

Education: This sounds funny but many parents put too much importance on education, in the process, pushing their kids into depression. You have seen kids attacking teachers with knives. We call it indiscipline but it has a lot to do with mental health.

Rent: This is a headache to most people who stay in Nairobi. In Nairobi, I’d you aren’t a homeowner, you either pay rent on time or be thrown into the streets. It is one of the greatest triggers of depression.

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